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Wordless Wednesday

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Warm Heart Swap--Sign Up Extended

It's not too late to join the fun!  I know the Swap began so close to Christmas that a few of us were just still catching our breath! 

If you wanted to join but felt you were still to busy
you can still join!
Sign up is extended until the 20th!
Details and sign up are over here!
I hope you'll join in the fun!

Happy Homemaker in Texas

Welcome to a look at how I spend my week and a few plans. 
Each Monday I join Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday.
She provides the prompts I add a few of my own. 

The weather
A few warmer days but it's still winter!

Clear with periodic clouds
Scattered Showers
Partly Cloudy
Mostly Sunny
Rain and Snow
Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy

Right Now I  Am
Taking a few minutes to just chill.  Actually my head is spinning. 
A ton to do.  
The Cowboy is going on Social Security and working less.  That's a huge lifestyle change.
Planning a spring wedding. 
My mother is in hospital.  

On my reading pile
My calendar for My Reading Journeys my book review blog is full.  I have Cozy Mysteries, Contemporary Romances, Suspense and Thrillers. 
A busy couple of weeks for me.  Here's a few . . .
A thriller

A nice cozy read set in Deep in the Heart of Texas.
I was offered book 2 for a review and got book 1 as part of the deal.  Finished and waiting to post my 5 star review.  It's a little steamy but a great story. Can't wait to read book 1.  

Visit my book review blog to read my reviews.  Click here

On The Menu
Monday- Hamburgers, Cole Slaw(left over from Sunday) Pinto's from freezer
Tuesday - Quinia, Chicken/Kale Ravioli, Ceasar Salad, Bread 
and some leftover spaghetti in case the Cowboy can't choke down the Ravioli
Wednesday -Clam Chowder, Homemade Sub Sandwiches
Thursday -  Roast w/Potatoes and Carrots, Green Beans
Friday -  Coconut Shrimp, Rice Pilaf, oven Roasted Veggies

And last weeks menu- Was a complete bust.  My mother is in the hospital.  I/we ate out every night!

In the kitchen
 Two week's worth of creative dinner ideas for when you're stuck in a dinner rut! via @Ally's Cooking
I feel like I cook the same thing over and over.  Maybe it would be fun to try something different.  Click here to visit this post. 

In the garden
 I've been struggling with how to do everything I want in the veggie garden.  With a very small budget.  Very little time.  And even less energy I have been struggling with what to do.  And 10'x10'
of pea gravel to remove.  I've already removed about that much.
I have a great plot edged in landscape timbers.  The problem is even though I've removed that gravel it is extremely hard to get it all out.  So I can't use a tiller. 
 I saw this on pinterest and I think I have found a solution to my problems!
Lasagna gardening -- sometimes called sheet mulching -- is an easy method for building a vegetable garden bed with little work. Here's how to try it on your homestead.
This is a cool way to prepare your plot for planting.  The post has great detail.  Click here

On the to do list
 I already mentioned my list because it is what I am thinking about. 
- Get mothers house ready for her to return after being in hospital
- Finish putting away Christmas.  I got derailed last week with mothers hospital stay.  I am moving where Christmas goes so besides taking it all down I am moving things around in the garage.
- Wedding dress shopping and plans on my list for the next few months.

In the craft basket
Besides the crochet I want to start we will be working on things for the wedding. 
The bride has requested quilts to cover the hay bales so I'll be finishing up some tops I have had put away. 

Features From The Fabulous Party
How to Find Time for Side Projects and DIYs

This was a great post with great tips.  Go over and read the post
and tell Ash and Eileen I sent you. Click here

Come over and visit the Fabulous Party 

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Take a look at this fun football kickoff party, including classic football fare. Don't miss the DIY chili toppings bar, hummus platter, Berger cookies, cornbread squares, and the craft beer bar.
I love it when archived posts are shared!  Leslie shared this fun post!  Go over and check out her blog.  Here's the link to the 
Chili & Beer party.  

From the camera
A sneak peek of my Wordless Wednesday post . . . 

Devo./ Scripture
“Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” One Way I see Gods character in my love

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Simple Sunday - Fabulous Party

Have A Blessed Day
“Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” One Way I see Gods character in my love

The Fabulous Party

Welcome to the party . . . 
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The good news is if you are looking for traffic on your blogs 
I am pinning, tweeting and when Pinterest allows me I am also sharing. 
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It was a long week for me my mother is in the hospital and we're planning a wedding.  Spent most of Saturday shopping for dresses!
My links for the party will be 'Planning A Texas Wedding'. 


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Vacuums-A Housekeepers Guide Part 2 Stairs

Welcome to Part 2 of my Housekeepers Guide to Vacuums.
Today we are going to be talking about cleaning carpet on stairs.
If you missed part 1 A Housekeepers Guider to Vacuums click here.   

I do not claim to be an expert.  But I clean houses for a living and in these posts I am just sharing my opinions on what works for me. 

Let's talk about stairs with carpet.  

Image result for vintage woman cleaning  stairs

Can you relate?  As a housekeeper I dread lugging heavy vacuums up and then working my way back down the stairs.  

Thankfully I only have 1 house currently that has carpeted stairs.  There was a time I was doing stairs daily!

It is a back breaking task.  Especially if you of a certain age!
Thankfully I don't have to clean carpets this way . . . 
Image result for woman sweeping carpet
I have a couple alternative suggestions to ease . . . 
Image result for vintage woman cleaning  stairs
the back breaking task of lugging a heavy vacuum.  

And, I think that these 2 suggestions are much more effect and clean your stairs better than any of the vacuums that are currently available. 

My first suggestion and the one I use twice a week in the home that I currently clean that has carpet on the stairs.  

It's simple and easy on my back.  I use a good 'ole stiff broom.  I sweep down the stairs.  I sweep each step horizontally and then again vertically.  As I vertically sweep down the steps the debris falls down to the lower step.  
By using a broom I can get into the crevice where the steps meet. 
And I can also sweep the wood molding going up the stairs as I go down.  

This kind of sweeping is not Drudgery to me.  It's a fast and effect way to clean the stairs.  
Image result for vintage woman sweeping carpet
I thought the advertisement for the carpet sweeper was interesting. 
Do you remember the old carpet sweepers? 

Maybe you feel like you need more than a good sweep.  If there are pets in the home maybe a good vacuum is a better chose. 

To avoid the dragging the big vacuum up and down stairs I suggest

Dirt Devil Express V6 Wet/Dry Bagless Handheld Vacuum, BD10205 - Cordless
Dirt Devil.   I am sure other brands have a model that is more like a regular vacuum like this . . . 
Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum Cleaner Ultra Corded Bagged Handheld Vacuum M08230RED
I have this model mine is a few years old.  Although it does an  excellent job I like the smaller bagless model because of the pointed edge.  It doesn't have the rolling beater bar like the one with the cord.  But I like it because it will get into the crevices. 

The smaller cordless version is even easy enough for a child to use.  

The only negative is you have to keep it plugged in and charged. 
But your only using it for a very few minutes so it is great for a stair case.  

So maybe your thinking these are great options but . . . 
 Image result for vintage woman cleaning  stairs

I don't have carpet on my stairs!  How in the world do I keep all the pet hairs and food crumbs and who's not what off the stairs?

Image result for vintage woman sweeping stairs
I have a few ideas!  
Come back for my next installment of 
A Housekeepers Guide.

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Wordless Wednesday

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday
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Vacuums-A Housekeepers Guide Part 1

I don't claim to be an expert on vacuums.  Are there any really?
          If you can find an expert please let me know!
I got to thinking about it.  And so I looked it up!

  1. 1.
    a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.

    "experts in child development"

  1. 1.
    having or involving authoritative knowledge.

    "he had received expert academic advice"


Image result for blog post dividers

  1.                   You can decide if I fit the claim.

  2. I am a house keeper.  I am a home maker
  3. I have managed our home for the over 40 years we've been married.
  4. I am a professional house keeper.  
  5. That's a fancy way of saying I clean houses for a living.
  6. My clients provide all their own cleaning products and equipment. So I don't have to lug anything around!

And so I have used almost every vacuum that is available. 

From the over $1,000.00 Miele (canister) which the client told me many times how much it cost; to all the vacuums available at WalMart and Sam's Club.   And everything in between.
Image result for blog post dividers
I have a client that said during our initial interview . . . 
"I buy cheap vacuums and just replace them when they quite working." 
And I have to say the two inexpensive models she's bought from Walmart do the job in her home. (no dogs only 1 small cat)  Both models are a few years old and have been used a little.  I've been cleaning the house almost a year.  When I began both were so full of debris that it took weeks to get them cleaned out.  I used one to suck the collected debris out of the other.  These are the type that are bag less and you can wash the filters.  
Image result for blog post dividers

I won't go into a long drawn out discussion about your needs. 

We all know if you have a dog it sheds and you need a good vacuum to deal with all that hair!  

What you want to know is which one is best for your home and if you have pets etc. 

It definitely depends on how much carpet you have.  
Most homes have a little laminate or tile or hardwood.  
Many homes no a days have no carpet at all.  

What about stairs? In this post I am going to focus on stairs.

As I've said I have used the most expensive to super cheap.

And let me tell you.  Unless you just won the lottery and you are all prissy and want everyone to know you have a
vacuum that cost over a grand don't waste your time with a Miele canister vacuum.  I have not used the Miele upright. 

The unit I used had bags.  And was heavy.  It was very hard to move up and down stairs.  The carpet attachment was very heavy as well.  Thankfully the client only had antique rugs in the main areas and carpet in two unused bedrooms.  I could avoid that heavy carpet attachment!

Based on my experience with the canister and since I haven't won the lottery I am not buying one for my house!

Which brings me to a discussion about which upper end of the road vacuum cleaner to buy.  

The thing is there is much more to it than just what type of flooring you have.  If you have pets.  And actually how much dirt your family tracks in etc.  

I think the biggest thing to consider after all the above is 
Who is going to use it? 

Who is really important.  In my case since I am almost 60 there are many things to consider now that I didn't when I was 30 or even 40.  

Think about if your pregnant or planning on being?  Will you be carrying a unit up and down stairs?

The biggest thing for anyone I think is the weight of the machine.  And if your carrying up and down stairs or using on stairs.  

The Shark and the Dyson lift away models are similar. 
I have used both in the same house.  The client was not happy with the Shark and bought a Dyson. 

 It was an upstairs house.  Although both models had the lift off feature in my opinion neither were easy to use on the stairs.  

The Shark has a complete Lift A Way system.  The video I watched which was short claims the system weighs 8 pounds.

You can google Lift A Way System Carpet Cleaning several informative videos.

The Shark is easy to use on stairs but cumbersome to carry unit up.  Although it detaches completely your still plugged in so consider how long the cord is. 

The Dyson model was different in that the hose lifts off.  
I needed an engineer to figure out how to detach it.  
I wasn't impressed with the Dyson model.  

The Dyson was considerably heavier.  

Since I am not showing you photo's or the specific models this information isn't really meant as a review of a specific

I am only providing you with information and my opinion about the performance and how easy the units are to use.  

It is my hope that my thoughts will give you something to think about if your looking at making a new investment.  

Whether your spending on the upper, middle or lower end I know you want to get the vacuum that is going to work best for your home and your lifestyle.  

I hope that the information has maybe answered some questions or prompted some questions you need to ask.

In my next post in this series I will be discussing stairs again and talking about hand held devices and how they work. 

Thanks for visiting!  Leave a comment! Have a Good day!

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